How We Work

All incoming claims are assessed by the claim service center at out head office. An accurate intake is of great importance for efficient claims handling. During the intake all necessary information which is of interest for the further process is gathered. We divide our claims under three labels, namely: Home, Commercial or GTS.

  • The `Home´ label concerns claims for the market of small businesses and private persons.
  • The `Commercial´ label concerns claims for medium-sized and large businesses.
  • The `GTS´ label (or Global Technical Services) concerns very complex, industrial and often cross-border claims.

Immediately after a claim has been reported, our loss adjusters start their work. Depending on the extent and complexity of the claim they survey the damage on-site. In the meantime the parties involved are informed. We are accessible and available 24 hours, every day of the year.

We work according to clearly specified protocols and procedures. This means that within a fixed period we give feedback to our clients.

We customize our work for each client as needed. For example, if a client wants an earlier feedback, we change our processes to accommodate this request.

We make high demands on the professional competence of our employees. Our professionals regularly get technical training. Society changes fast and makes even higher demands on the services of companies. Partly for that reason we have set up the Crawford Academy. Our Academy organises in-house training for our (junior) loss adjusters. The Academy also holds seminars and arranges attendance at relevant industry seminars.