Crawford Service Center

The Crawford Service Center is the first point of contact with Crawford and Company. The Crawford Service Center’s staff is happy to accept your new instruction in order to allocate the most appropriate adjuster within our organisation. They will also welcome you with a smile if you contact us by telephone or visit our office in Capelle aan den IJssel. In short, the staff of the Crawford Service Center is our organisation’s living business card.

Services Include

  • accepting, processing, registering and allocating of new instructions
  • accepting and correctly transferring incoming telephone calls
  • welcoming visitors at our head office
  • data analysis (MI)
  • preparing tenders


  • Our Crawford Service Center staff do not only advocate service, but they also live and breathe it
  • The Crawford Service Center is the first point of contact for all of your new instructions
  • Our Crawford Service Center staff will always answer your telephone call with a smile and will give you a warm welcome at our Capelle aan den IJssel office
  • In short, for the Crawford Service Center, providing service is the same as always scoring the winning goal


Would you like to have more information about the Crawford Service Center? Please contact:

Crawford Service Center
T: +31 10 45 35 535