Fine Art and Specialty

Fine Art and Specialty

Under the label Fine Art and Specialty, we do not only deal with, as the name already suggests, losses of, or damage to, art objects in the narrowest sense of the word. We also deal with losses in all manner of categories; paintings, drawings, glassware, porcelain, sculptures, furniture, objects from historical interiors (such as lighting and paneling), as well as special collections - from silverware to Barbie dolls or Lego.

Services Include

  • Investigation into the facts and circumstances
  • Loss assessment
  • Advice on conservation and restoration
  • Advice on appraisal or valuation
  • Advice on matters of security


  • These specialised markets demand specialist knowledge, but we believe that knowledge alone is not sufficient. Most importantly, our experts have an affinity with art and understand that art is often an emotional matter for collectors
  • Our art experts work closely with the team of accountants and lawyers within Crawford & Company
  • Our experts also consider it to be very important to provide a substantiated basis for the manner in which they have assessed the loss and they can focus sharply on the question as to which restoration method they consider to be the most appropriate
  • We have an extensive network of art historians, restorers, valuers and auctioneers
  • Our experts are in a position to provide advice on matters of security. This may include which measures should be taken in order to qualify for the most appropriate risk rating. The loss adjusters, on the other hand, can also carry out checks on the security methods while assessing any damage or loss. Furthermore, our loss adjusters can also include any security measures in the form of safes, display cases or fixing of sculptures in their check assessment
  • As a multinational, insurer, broker or company it is possible that you may regularly have to face legal disputes. Various legal issues do arise in the field of art. Given the extent of the number of disputes and the varied forms of such disputes it may be worth the effort to take out a subscription for legal services in the field of art. We could draw up a suitable offer for you under our Legal Services by Broadspire label