Crawford Investigation Services help our clients to contain fraud costs before they cost them or their business. Discreet, thorough investigations are our hallmark. Our investigators work round-the-clock to detect any foul play surrounding suspicious claims.

Services Include

We provide our investigation services to our Indian and Overseas clients under the following:

  • 3rd party claims - Motor Accident policies
  • Personal Accidents policies
  • Workmen Compensation policies
  • Burglary or thefts policies
  • Baggage policies
  • Medi-claim policies
  • Travel policies
  • Verification on authenticity of documents


  • Expertise:Our investigators are highly trained professional with vast experience and a background of law enforcement in taking witness statements.
  • Integrity:We observe the highest ethical and legal standards.
  • Objectivity:Our goal is to provide accurate and unbiased reports.
  •  Transparency:We make all relevant information available to our clients, and strive to be thoroughly open in all business relationships.
  • Rapid Response:We are committed to delivering the fastest response possible.
  • Detailed Reports:We provide comprehensive, detailed incident and casualty reports in a usable, consistent format.
  • Constant Striving for Excellence:We hire only the most experienced, committed professionals in the industry; providing them with the resources and continuing education they need to succeed; and delivering the highest-quality service to our clients.


For more information on our property services, contact the location nearest you.